It's all about the experience.
And how you tell the story.

Croo.ioWebflow implementation with custom animations, interactions and responsive design.

Yogis Anonymous
From understanding the business and goals and why, helping to come up with the strategy, to mockups and UI flows, branding, entire copy, customer experience, look & feel to actual front-end implementation with attention to small details and nice touches.

ScreenStepsWe've changed the way how companies communicate with their employees and clients.

NewlyWish CampaignThe goals were to increase customer acquisition, generate buzz with new cash fund fees, generate above-average conversion rate and learn more about our customers (namely, how sensitive they are to the fees).

The WeddingA wedding announcement, a microsite, a booklet, posters and inflatable balloons: I drew the story of newlyweds. It was huge fun. Plus, they're still together.

ZuzzuAn attempt to create a modern platform that people would use as their main site to go to find the best eBay offers and vouchers from the world's best hotels

Real DeveloperBeing a startup from Australia, they wanted to become the only service dedicated to property development and investment opportunities in Australia.


Your brand is a guacamole.

It's not your fancy website. Or your recognizable logo.
Your brand is what the customer feels and thinks when he hears about or sees your brand, your product, you. They experience the whole, the gestalt.

Your strategy is like a cooking recipe which you can follow step-by-step, which you can trust because you know where it will get you.

The brand (customer, user) experience is the dining experience. It's not only the quality of your ingredients. That's a prerequisite, a must. But don't be fooled - you can still make it horrible.

It's about how the table is set up. Where it takes place. The lights, music and your favorite aroma oil. The people you eat it with. The mood you create together. The reason why you got together.

It's the feeling your guests fall asleep with that night.

Hi! I'm Martin Doubravsky. I'm an experience, UX, UI, web designer, consultant, creative strategist and storyteller.

For over 13 years, I've helped clients, big and small and all over the world, to improve and clarify their customer experience.

My job is to create amazing experience that tells your unique story, thrills you and makes you and your customers feel engaged.

Obviously, I can't do it all by myself.

I'm the creative director behind the projects: I personally focus on all the creative and experience-related work.

When other roles are beneficial for the project, I work with experts I've curated over the years, to make sure we together create wonderful, rich, thought-through, end-to-end and coherent experience with even the tiniest details worked out, while still keeping the bigger picture in mind.

I strive for the best. Anything less is, well, useless.
Life is too short to be spent on bad experience. That's why, in 2016, I founded Avocado Experience.


With many years of experience, I learnt what you probably already know as well – that great communication actually determines your success. I know how to communicate with you, regularly.


I let you know when to expect the work – and I deliver it on time. I don’t make excuses.

My work is professional and timely and I won't disappear in the middle of your project.

Great Work

I work quickly and efficiently and I don't waste your time or money with work that doesn't deliver what you need.

I care deeply about your project. Your success is my success.

Thanks to the combination of my expertise and responsibility,
I've become Top Rated freelancer on Upwork.

In the past
years I've been
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“I have worked in the digital industry for over 13 years and I can honestly say Martin is one of the best. Apart from his design and UX skills, his greatest asset is clear communication. It was effortless working with him remotely and I will certainly be looking to work with him again very soon. Thanks for your great work Martin.”
James Chivers, Digital Product Manager, Founder of Real Developer, Australia
“Martin’s ability to think and execute for the benefit of the client and ultimately, the user, is immediately apparent. His work is excellent and shows clearly that he cares about the end result. His communication skills are fantastic and you cannot overstate the importance of that quality in a developer. I look forward to continuing work with Martin!”
Dorian Cheah, Co-founder of Yogis Anonymous, Santa Monica, California
“Thanks for all the hard work Martin. Thanks for going the extra mile there at the end to ensure the deliverables were compatible with my requirements!”
Ian Enders, Chief Technology Officer @ NewlyWish, WeddingWire, New York
“Martin is a very good designer and we loved his work.”
Dr. Reinhard Vogel, Owner of Cultuzz Digital Media GmbH, Germany
“Excellent communication. Professional and quick turnaround.”
Gregg F., Founder of ExoticSpotter
“As always, great work, and a great experience working with Martin. His professional integrity and talents are much appreciated. Great to find somebody who really cares. Martin did excellent work, and his commitment to designing a quality product and a great user experience was extremely valuable to us. Highly recommend!
Dorian Cheah, Co-founder of Yogis Anonymous, Santa Monica, California
“I'm successful thanks to the visions I build on creative and innovative thinking, the ability to learn new things fast and the responsibility in everything I do.”
Martin Doubravský, Me, Prague

Why you WANT to work with me:
How do I bring value to you?

I'm not just a creative guy who can get work done for you. I'm your partner.

I choose a project that I, honestly, find meaningful. It needs to be either useful or entertaining.

I need to feel the same vibe so I start breathing your project.

Do you want to tell your unique story?

I would love to help you create a product that will become useful and will change the world.
So it will make sense for such a product to exist.

Get in touch!

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